About Inex Mint

Established in 1998, Inex Mint is one of the most advanced precious metal exporters in Africa.

Launching our online Gold and Precious Metals store was the perfect opportunity to refresh our brand identity and communicate our service offerings more clearly. Inex Mint covers all aspects of our business, while the tagline ‘Pure and Precious Metals’ reinforces our value proposition.

Cameroon has a long association with Gold – much of our country’s early prosperity was founded on this precious metal, and it has been estimated that some 5% of all the Gold ever mined was extracted from the Bertoua. This village is a city that is quite literally built on Gold.

Inex Mint continues to build on this precious legacy, by providing a complete portfolio of services relating to Gold and Precious Metals. If you’re looking for a Raw Gold, look no further than Inex Mint.

Inex Mint is a company registered and operating since since 1998 and specializes in Export of non-ferrous metal like gold, diamond, silver, Rhodium and dealing primarily in gold dust and gold bars.

Our selling terms are very straight and forward we sell only 24+ carat Gold to international market and sell any lesser Carat (22,21,18 etc) to our domestic market here in Cameroon.At every point our business terms are negotiable. Since most of our village elders are illiterates we avoid a lot of paper work. However its obligatory for us to respect our state laws.We equally also want to let you know that we expect the utmost of transparency and honesty from our customers as we get into business.

We shall be grateful to furnish you with any further information that you may require after hearing from you and shall consider it a privilege entering into long-lasting relationship between both parties

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The Evolution of African Wealth

Evolution speaks of natural progression; an improvement to the status quo. While wealth is often observed in monetary values, Africa’s wealth stretches far beyond finances. From our biodiversity and abundant minerals and metals, to our spirited, resilient people, Africa is rich.

Our vision is to beneficiate responsibly sourced precious metals. We aim to add value locally, creating products and offerings that pay reverence to our natural riches, fortify the local economy and develop progressive, sustainable wealth. We work to develop our global industry and evolve wealth for all Africans.

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