(20 coin tube) 1 oz Pop Bullion Silver Round (New)



(20 coin tube) 1 oz Pop Bullion Silver Round (New)

This unique piece of silver features a 1 oz round that can break off into 4 separate pieces. The entirety of the round has 1 Troy oz of .999 silver, but you can break it apart into 4 equal pieces each containing 1/4 Troy oz of .999 silver.  As the world evolves, so does the precious metals world. Order this unique piece of silver today.

Round Highlights:


  • Available in protective plastic flips, or tubes of 20!
  • Can break off into four pieces!
  • Contains 1 Troy oz of .999 silver.
  • The obverse field displays the Pop Bullion logo.
  • The reverse field features the identifying marks of the round.

Your purchase of a 1 oz Pop Bullion Silver Round will arrive in a protective plastic flip. These rounds are unique in that the 1 oz round actually breaks off into 4 quarters. You can choose to keep the round whole or break it off into four 1/4 Troy oz pieces of .999 silver. Tubes of 20 rounds are also made available.

Pop Bullion Silver Rounds are struck with twice the pressure with counteracting obverse and reverse break lines allowing you to create a clean break. While gold is denser than silver, both metals measure nearly the same on the Moh’s scale of hardness thus force will be needed to pop your round into smaller pieces.

The obverse field of the Pop Bullion Silver Round features the name of the round. The round is divided into 4 quarters, with the name “Pop Bullion” being displayed on each quarter of the round. When you break the round into quarters, you’ll have four pieces that each say “Pop Bullion.”

Identifying marks of the round are displayed on the reverse field of the 1 oz Pop Bullion Round. The metal weight and purity are displayed 4 times on the reverse, once on each quarter of the overall round.