(20 coins) 2023 1 oz Germania Silver Round



2023 1 oz Germania Silver Round

we are excited to present the next release in the Germania Series! This exciting collection is produced by Germania Mint and has been ongoing since 2019. A limited-mintage release, each piece has been crafted from .9999 pure silver and features a stunning depiction of the heroine Germania. Right now, 2023 1 oz Germania Silver Rounds are available to purchase online from IM

Round Highlights:

  • Includes a protective plastic capsule!
  • Latest release in the Germania collection!
  • Limited mintage of only 25,000 rounds!
  • Contains 1 Troy oz of .9999 pure silver.
  • Bears a nominal face value of 5 Mark.
  • The heroine Germania is depicted on the obverse.
  • The official seal for Germania Mint features in the reverse.

When you order 2023 1 oz Germania Rounds from IM, you can expect to receive a .9999 pure silver specimen in new condition. Please keep in mind that while these rounds do list a face value of 5 Mark, this is merely a symbolic gesture. As rounds, they are not officially considered legal tender. Included with your purchase is a protective capsule for storage and display purposes.

Germania Mint tends to go above and beyond in creating its design concepts. The rounds in this series are a good example. Each piece features Germania on the mainland, but with slight variations. When placed in a row, we see Germania arriving on the mainland, removing her sword, and plunging it into the earth. You’ll also note that as the different-sized rounds grow larger, the perspective of each design slightly expands.

Germania is featured on the obverse of 2023 1 oz Silver Rounds. Here, this iconic heroine strides across the mainland with her sword, shield, and a laurel wreath around her head. To the left, we see the double-headed eagle in flight and heading towards a stone with markings of an ancient prophecy. The obverse also contains a beaded decorative backdrop and hallmark inscriptions.

The seal of Germania Mint is presented on the reverse of these 1 oz Germania Silver Rounds. You’ll see here a double-headed eagle with open wings. In its talons are lightning bolts, which symbolize destruction and creation. One of the heads faces left and the other right as a representation of the past and the future. The bird is also flanked by decorative olive branches.