Australian Kangaroo 1 Ounce Silver Monster Box


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Weight 7776.250 Grams / 250.012 Oz
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Condition Circulated
Packaging Monster Box
Manufacturer Perth Mint


Australian Kangaroo 1 Ounce Silver Monster Box

Australian Silver Kangaroo coins.

Monster box of 250 coins

Discover an opportunity to invest in larger quantities of silver Kangaroo coins with our Australian Silver Kangaroo Monster Box, which contains 10 tubes of 25 coins.

Design of the Perth Mint Silver Kangaroo Coin

Annually issued by Australia’s reputable Perth Mint, the Kangaroo Silver Bullion coin carries a rich history and superior craftsmanship. The front of the coin proudly features a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, accompanied by the inscriptions ‘Elizabeth II’ and ‘Australia’, and the coin’s face value of $1 AUD. On the flip side, the coin showcases an iconic image of a Red Kangaroo in motion. The words ‘Australian Kangaroo’ adorn the top, while the coin’s purity, face value, and year of minting are engraved at the bottom.

The Silver Kangaroo coin, first introduced in 2016, has quickly established its presence in the precious metal market, though the series started with gold coins back in 1986. Now, there’s even a platinum Kangaroo coin available. The launch of the silver Kangaroo coin was intended to compete with popular alternatives like the silver Maple Leaf and Philharmonic, spurred by the growing demand for the gold Kangaroo and silver coins in general.

Reasons to Buy Silver Kangaroo Monster Boxes

What sets the Perth Mint Monster Boxes apart is their unique size – they house 250 coins instead of the typical 500, making them more manageable and easier to transport. Moreover, these boxes offer flexibility for future liquidation, as they can be sold off in smaller increments. Each Monster Box includes 10 tubes, each containing 25 silver bullion coins.

These coins are guaranteed and backed by the Australian government, ensuring their legitimacy and recognition worldwide.

Reasons to Invest in Silver

Investing in silver, such as the Silver Kangaroo coins, provides a multitude of benefits. It is an excellent way to diversify your investment portfolio beyond traditional assets. Unlike stocks and bonds, silver holds intrinsic value due to its wide range of industrial and medical applications, making it less susceptible to market fluctuations. Moreover, during times of economic uncertainty or inflation, silver often retains its value, offering a safe haven to investors. Purchasing physical silver coins also offers the advantage of complete ownership with no counterparty risk, unlike paper-based investments. Plus, with the growing interest in precious metals, the demand for silver is on the rise, potentially leading to capital appreciation over time. Lastly, silver is more affordable than gold, making it an accessible investment for beginners or those with a modest budget. Investing in silver Kangaroo coins combines these benefits with the chance to own a piece of beautifully crafted, culturally significant, and highly pure Australian coinage.

Overview of Perth Mint Silver Coins

The Perth Mint releases a number of silver bullion coins. These include the silver Koala seriessilver Kookaburra series, and the silver Perth Mint Lunar seriesSilver bullion bars are also available from the Perth Mint, for clients who prefer to invest in bars over coins. Perth Mint Kangaroo silver monster boxes may be purchased from for worldwide delivery and VAT-free secure storage. Australian Kangaroo 1 Ounce Silver Monster Box

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