Britannia 2023 1/10 oz Platinum Bullion Twenty Five Coin Tube


Denomination £10
Alloy 999.5 Fine Platinum
Diameter 16.45mm
Reverse Designer Philip Nathan
Obverse Designer Martin Jennings
Specification Value
Quality Bullion
Year 2023
Pure Metal Type Platinum
Pure Metal Content 25 x 0.1 Troy Oz
Fineness 999.5
Packaging Coin Tube


Britannia 2023 1/10 oz Platinum Bullion Twenty Five Coin Tube

Key Features

  • The obverse features the first coinage portrait of His Majesty The King
  • The smallest platinum coin in the range
  • Struck in an ounce of 999.5 platinum
  • Emphasises Philip Nathan’s award-winning Britannia design
  • Includes four advanced security features
  • Packaged in a single coin tube

Britannia has a long-standing relationship with British coinage. The female embodiment of the nation may have ancient beginnings, first appearing on Roman coins circa AD 119, but she has evolved over time to reflect the nation’s strengths and values. In 1987, this icon was reimagined by sculptor Philip Nathan for a new bullion coin. The design continues to dazzle, winning awards and defining security in the bullion market with four groundbreaking features. Surface animation provides a background for Britannia, reflecting the flow of waves as the coin is moved, and between this and the banding of the coin you will find micro-text with the wording ‘Decus et Tutamen’, which translates as ‘An ornament and a safeguard’ and describes the features that both decorate and protect the coin. A latent feature in the lower-hand segment of the coin switches between a trident and a padlock based on the viewer’s perspective – emphasising her maritime strength and the coin’s secure nature – and details such as the Union flag on Britannia’s shield have been specially highlighted with tincture lines. The advanced features have been combined to create a stunning Britannia design that is also the most visually secure coin in the world.

The coin is also available as a one ounce fine platinum edition. Various gold and silver editions of this coin which include four advanced security features are also available. Britannia 2023 1/10 oz Platinum Bullion Twenty Five Coin Tube